Wit's End


As the final outpost leaving Prywynne, the city has mainly survived as the final stop before the wilderness. Lately the the roads have been overrun with bandits leading to the city making a large investment into keeping the roads clear. They have been doing a good job, but they can’t help everyone. This large investment has drained a large amount of resources from the city itself and the normally hardy people of Wit’s End find themselves debating leaving the city for a safer settlement closer to Prywynne.


Meeting Mykhail

The party meet up at the local tavern called the Talisman and Prayer where they are introduce to their employer Agent Mykhail. Mykhail did not take this route into the Prywynne region, so he is leaving it up to the party to either gather information and choose a path while he talks to the merrif.

Wit's End

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